For Volunteers

The hope provided by clinical research is only possible if people volunteer to participate.

Your participation may lead to improved treatment options that may not only benefit yourself, but others in the future
You will receive close monitoring of your health, along with medical testing and the study medicine at no cost to you.
Modest monetary stipends are provided for each research visit completed

How do I become a volunteer?

Almost all of our studies require volunteers to have a specific problem, for example, COPD.  All studies have very specific requirements that go beyond simply having a condition, for example, an age range, use of certain medications, etc.  For each listing you will see a “Learn More” button below that will provide more information about the specific requirements.  If you think you might qualify and want more information, please send us an email at:


Once you have contacted us and learned a bit more about a particular study, we can make an appointment for you to come in to our office for the Informed Consent Process.  This process includes a detailed review of the specific study you are interested in, including possible risks and benefits, study duration, numbers and timing of visits, as well as what happens at the research visits.  We will not start any part of the research study until you have reviewed the study in detail and signed the Informed Consent form. Once the form is signed, you can withdraw consent at any time for any reason.

The hope provided by clinical research is only possible if people volunteer to participate.

Am I going to be a guinea pig if I volunteer?

Clinical research participants, aka volunteers, are treated as valued members of our research community.  Our staff will get to know you, and be sure you never feel like just another patient!  Clinical research is highly regulated and monitored by regulatory agencies, and the Sponsors of the research. Research studies are developed in conjunction with the FDA and/or other regulatory agencies to insure risk is minimized, and that the research will end in valid results.

What is a Protocol?

All of our research studies follow a specific “recipe” that precisely instructs our site – and the multiple other sites around the country and world – how the research study should be conducted.  The research is performed as a series of visits to our research facility – and the protocol includes specific instructions we must follow.

The visits can be divided into 3 types:


Once you have completed the informed consent process and agreed to enroll in the study, the initial visit(s) are “screening visits” during which you are assessed for the presence of any unexpected abnormalities on your lab testing, ECG, and so on.


If everything goes well during screening, you will have a “randomization visit” during which you will be assigned a study treatment. This is generally done with a computer program provided by the Sponsor that randomly assigns a treatment to you. Most of the time, neither you nor our site will know which treatment you are receiving. Typically your first dose of the study drug occurs at our site under supervision during the visit.


After randomization, the remaining visits focus on measurement of your response to the treatment, and a careful assessment of any side effects.

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