SEC Clinical Research infrastructure attributes at all locations:


Dothan is located in the southeast corner of Alabama, with a greater metro population just under 150,000 that is comprised of 34% African-American and 62% Caucasian. Two large hospitals in Dothan provide tertiary care for the large medical catchment area which includes surrounding counties in AL, and a significant swath of the Florida panhandle. The medical community is large, busy, and includes all major medical and surgical subspecialties.

Dothan: This facility was custom designed and built for clinical research. A custom built addition doubled the facility size to 4000 SF.

Key Facility Attributes:

  • Custom built for clinical research
  • Dedicated IP room – fully temperature monitored and alarmed
  • Multiple -20º + -80º freezers
  • Extended stay/overnight rooms
  • Shower
  • Large lab supports substudies
  • Generous workspace for staff and sponsor visits


We are now in our new Pensacola location!

Key Facility Attributes:

  • Dedicated IP room – fully temperature monitored and alarmed
  • Large lab
  • Generous workspace for staff and monitors
  • Equipped and staffed for infusion studies
  • Equipped and staffed for pediatric studies: Neonatal to adolescents
  • PBMC isolation available

Quality Control Strategies Employed at SECCR:

We are not perfect, we make mistakes. We also have a strong, company-wide commitment to both minimize and learn from errors. Here are a few examples of those efforts:

Just like every other clinical research website, we are telling you that we’re very good at what we do. But don’t take our word for it…. Here are some of our subject survey results:

I waited LESS than 10 minutes in the waiting area before being placed in a room.
The room where my visit was conducted today was comfortable and clean.
All instructions provided were clear, and all my questions were answered.
The staff I encountered today were all kind and friendly.

Here are examples of what our Sponsor CRA’s tell us:

Frequently asked Questions from Feasibility Questionnaires:

We have full-time APRNs at all our locations at all times during visits assisted by CRCs and RAs. We have a full-time regulatory document staff, recruitment department and a talented administrative staff for additional support. Research is all that we do.

Yes, at each site we have a double locked room used only for IP storage.  These rooms have a heating and cooling system, and there is continuous temperature monitoring of IP stored at ambient, refrigerated and frozen temperatures with an alarm that sends a cell phone alert for temperature excursions.

Both SECCR locations have refrigerated centrifuges for both routine blood processing and more specialized procedures like PBMC isolation. Both locations have Class 2 Biosafety hoods, and are IBC approved.

We are delighted to use Central IRBs.  We only use a local IRB of one hospital if there is any inpatient component to a study.

We move as quickly as the Sponsor allows.

With the exception of some legacy studies initiated with paper reg docs and source, we have completely switched to electronic regulatory documents and electronic source. We have more recently transitioned to electronic consents for more accurate versioning.